MJ Mercer is a debut author and writer of steamy paranormal romance books filled with angels, demons, and other paranormal creatures who are hiding in the shadows while fighting the battle between good and evil. In MJ’s stories, you’ll find kick-ass heroines and the brooding and dangerous men who love them. 

MJ has always had a love of the paranormal, a love that started with Bram Stoker’s original Dracula and continued to grow with books from Anne Rice, especially Memnoch the Devil. Rice’s novels were an inspiration to MJ’s many trips to New Orleans, a popular place for stories that involve the paranormal, including vampires and witches.

MJ’s debut novel is Frost & Flame and is the first book in the House of Frost series. The inspiration for the main character came years ago when MJ came across a book in an out of the way store. It was the Book of Enoch, which is one of the lost books of the Bible. Enoch tells the story of the fall of Lucifer and the great war in Heaven. This became an inspiration for the House of Frost series and a leading cause behind the decision that the male lead would be descended from angels.

The House of Frost is in Scotland, which was decided after MJ took a trip to Edinburgh. The beauty of the countryside and the old castles became an inspiration for the House of Frost.

MJ’s love of FBI thrillers and mysteries became the motivation for one of the female heroines of the series, with the special added touch of making her psychic. The result is a fierce FBI agent who gets mixed up in the paranormal world when she meets a mysterious descendant of angels.

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