A Dark Paranormal Romance Series by M.J. Mercer


Fleeing from the man she loves, psychic FBI agent Jess Bryant finds herself captured.

There’s no way he’s coming for her after she ran out on him. With no other choice, Jess is forced to reveal the truth to her captor, betraying David in the process. She doesn’t want to let him go, but she’d never forgive herself if he risked his life because of her.

David Woods can’t stand by with Jess in danger, especially since it’s his fault.

After saving her life from the witch who’d captured her, David asks his best friend, the vampire king, to escort her home and protect her. He knows it’s what needs to be done to keep her safe.

Too bad his heart doesn’t agree.

But David’s out of options. An ancient prophecy has named Jess as the world’s last hope, leaving her in more danger than ever. On top of that, there’s a new supernatural killer on the loose, and with an impending war between Heaven and Hell, the stakes are higher than ever.

Can a common enemy, incredible danger, and time spent hunting a vengeful angel push them back together? Or will their differences forever force them apart?

Frost & Shadow is a full-length (87,000 words) novel. It’s book two in the House of Frost dark paranormal romance series and ends on a cliffhanger. If you like tough heroines and antiheros, steamy action, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, then this tale is for you.

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