A Dark Paranormal Romance Series by M.J. Mercer


A secret spell that could unlock unlimited magic. An impossible choice between love and power.

Edinburgh. United Kingdom. After the young witch, Josie, retrieves a vial of fae blood for her father’s spell, she’s attacked by a rogue vampire. Her love, James, saves her life. The half-human, half-angel member of esteemed House of Frost escorts her home, pressing a passionate kiss to her lips far enough away that her cruel father won’t be alerted of their secret affair.

At home, she’s confronted yet again, accused of lying by her father, and he assaults her with his dark magic. Her assailant should be someone she can trust, but as her father peers deep into her mind, seeking her darkest mysteries, Josie learns a carefully concealed secret never shared.

A hidden truth that changes everything and wakes something dark within her. Something so evil she’s willing to do the unthinkable.