A Dark Paranormal Romance Series by M.J. Mercer


Is David her guardian angel in a world gone crazy? Or is Jess the crazy one?

Two weeks ago, FBI agent Jess Bryant didn’t believe in angels, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, or witches, but she’s quickly learning that the world has secrets even her psychic abilities didn’t see coming.

When she’s assigned a peculiar murder case, Jess winds up caught in the crosshairs. Staring death in the face, she doesn’t predict being saved by a half-angel, but she quickly finds herself falling…

She better hope he has wings.

They’ve only just met, but David Woods knows that Jess is unlike any woman he’s ever known. Protecting mortals is his day job, but protecting Jess is looking like a round-the-clock task – not that he minds.

With a killer determined to steal her soul, he’s forced to break every rule in the book and reveal the real world to Jess. Which also means telling her his true nature.

He quickly realizes he’ll do anything to protect her, and in this case, keeping her safe means taking her home to Scotland. He knows Jess is special. He also knows his dark past might cost her the future.

There’s war on the wind, and she’s the key to winning…or losing.

Frost & Flame is a full-length (83,000 words) novel. It’s book one in the House of Frost dark paranormal romance series and ends on a cliff-hanger. If you like tough heroines and antiheros, steamy action, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, then you’ll love M.J. Mercer’s sexy tale.

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