A Dark Paranormal Romance Series by M.J. Mercer


An ancient prophecy, a love renewed, and an otherworldly power threatening to annihilate everything they’ve worked so hard to build.

Jess Bryant never believed she was the one the prophecy spoke of, but when she used her psychic abilities to open a doorway to the Dimension of Light, she could no longer deny her fate. But her gift came with a hefty price tag—danger in the form of a vengeful angel hellbent on destroying her.

If he succeeds, the prophecy will be void, but the world as they know it will forever be lost.

David Woods may be the most powerful Nephilim alive, but even he knows he may not be strong enough to stop an angel from another dimension. When Jess is called to Florence, Italy to work a new case, he helps her navigate a new kind of danger, all the while protecting her from the enemy determined to kill her to stop the prophecy.

There’s no way he’ll ever lose her without a fight, even if that means burning the world to the ground to save her.

Frost & Fury is a full-length novel. It’s the third book in the House of Frost dark paranormal romance series, and it’s the epic conclusion to the first trilogy in the series. The story will continue, but this will feature a HEA for David and Jess. If you like tough heroines and anti-heroes, steamy action, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, then you’ll love M.J. Mercer’s sexy tale.

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